The scale of the systematic and seismic cyber & digital risks that face the connectivity of this planet, requires preparedness to build a response led defence framework with adaptive solutions to ensure resilience, continuity and advantage.

Sequrest creates these cyber & digital defence frameworks.

Cyber Defence System

Cyber crime and attacks has a growing financial and reputational threat to companies and government. Through constant use, assessment and evaluation of security systems a strong and bespoke cyber defence system is created.

Penetration Testing

Essential for identifying and managing your threats and vulnerabilities to your organisation. Testing available across the organisation, from key internal aspects, infrastructure and applications.

Vulnerability Evaluations

Precautionary assessments to allow security risks and conditions to be found and then isolated, and fixed.

Incident Response Services

To mitigate any attack from further damage, a management tool is available to be deployed quickly. Working in coordination, response, analysis, intelligence and surveillance. Helping your organisation to respond in force and ensure further minimisation to damage.

Cyber & Digital Forensics

For post damage and attack assessment, for detailed investigation into cause, reason and fixes available.

DDOS Security

Denial of Service attacks are increasing year on year. For a successful damage and attack, their use is amplified. Keeping in line with the latest trends, DoS is always necessary defence mechanism.

Web Application Firewall

From alien injections, cross-site scripting attacks and zero day attacks, a highly developed secure WAF is required to prevent your organisation from vulnerabilities, and ensuring constant update, patches and compliance.

Cross – Alien Engineering

Whether from Malware, Ransomware to phishing. There remains a potent increase in alien engineering, designed to cause organisations extreme harm and destruction. Various easy to implement solutions are crafted to both prevent and deter. The solutions that automatically learn from each other to always be reporting and defending.

Security & Defence Arsenal

To fully protect your organisation, a recommended use of security counter and offensive measures are recommended to ensure business continuity.

MFA Platform

Enabling extremely secure authentication and accessibility for the mass utilising smartphone and desktop entries, tailored to your organisational requirements. From various biometrics, facial recognition, geo tagging, voice recognition and more.

Managed IT Systems

Utilised for organisations that require constant secure surveillance, monitoring and management. Externally managed and hosted to suit both requirements and organisation structure.

Secure Digital Access & Management

Providing your organisation secure encrypted storage management in countries with privacy laws to suit. Including advanced biometric access for both cloud or hardware storage management options, as well as organisation specific access capabilities across internal teams.

Centralised Network Warfare Platform

A command and control enablement platform, on a fully protected network. Based on international security protocols, with sovereign nation control and mission control for offensive cyber capabilities. GOVERNMENT ONLY USE.

IP VPN Systems

Mobile and desktop VPN systems for enhanced internal privacy and security.

Internal Personnel Cyber Training

Onsite and offsite training to further educate your organisations internal cyber knowledge and capabilities. Varying services from good cyber sense sessions to concentrated qualified courses.

Secure Communications

The importance of connectivity and information for any organisation is crucial. However the very real threats to interception, distortion, subterfuge and alien inputs continues to rise in risk levels. Thus secure communications for voice, mail and messaging is paramount to prudent and secure business.

With increasing vulnerabilities being highlighted and exposed through IOT devices, a secure connectivity is vital for greater use within the modern organisation.

Encrypted Mobile Communications

End to end mobile encryption on cellular and data. Options can include integrated system with all market mobile handsets, to a separate physical handset, including features of work groups, conferencing, text messages and file sharing.

Encrypted Offshore Communications

Remote working satellite encryption where cellular and data are not available. Utilising the secure platform already available with the encrypted mobile communications.

Protected Messaging & Email Platform

Fully secure vetting platform to allow ease of use and discretion. Multiple options are available for full optimal integration, ensuring convenience and safety. Allowing file encryption of all classification of messages and emails with secure access and end recipient safety.

Protected Intranet Services

Customised and tailored secure intranet for internal data handling, transactions, services and customer use. With biometric entry and secure hosting both internally or externally.

E Document Secure Flow

A channel for convenient, and end-to-end opening and signing capability. Allowing secure pre-designated location and timing for opening, sending and receiving.

Cyber Intelligence

The importance of accurate intelligence to organisations is vital. We offer various solutions to create internal intelligence gathering so that you may be always one step ahead. The risks are tremendous so our intelligence must be there to mitigate and withstand the threats and risks, so that you can dictate what happens to your organisation.

Critical Intelligence Service

Utilising various mediums into credible alerts for your organisation, depending on your risk inputs, making faster and more activated risk responses.

Traffic & Advisory Protection Platforms

Measuring the daily input traffic to your organisation. With various protection structures against unwanted bot traffic, ensuring organisational front-end websites are not vulnerable. Advanced detection ensures the blocking of automated frauds. Further advisory protection is then bespoke to the organisational requirements and risk profile.

Autonomous Predictive Attack System

A reactive platform system to react, learn and defend against external attacks, providing crucial data to adapt to future threats.

Governance, Risk, Analysis & Compliance

It is vital for our client organisations to have confidence with adhering to international and local regulatory and standards. As we constantly work with analysis and identify the client’s situation to enhance the client’s position.

Each organisation benefits from an individual risk assessment, that is constantly evaluated, assessed and enacted. By using our security risk management, clients can routinely mitigate their positions.


Sovereign Court
230 Upper Fifth Street
Central Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

At Sequrest we believe in complete discretion with all enquiries, so please contact us at.

Phone: +44 (0) 2079 657210

Sovereign Court
230 Upper Fifth Street
Central Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

At Sequrest we believe in complete discretion with all enquiries, so please contact us at.

Phone: +44 (0) 2079 657210

Suite 101
Free Trade Wharf
London, E1W 3ET
United Kingdom


Sovereign Court
230 Upper Fifth Street
Central Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

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